Centre Policies & how you can be involved

At Waimauku Childcare Centre we value the input our parents have in the running of the centre.  We love recieving feedback from parents and whanau and strive to have a working partnership with our families.

Our Centre Philosophy…

At Waimauku Childcare Centre we believe that the four principles of Te Whariki underpin our philosophy and how the chidlren within our care learn adn develop.  Staff acknowledge that our curriculum is bi-cultural and that our practices within the centre reflect this.  Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment.

We are located in a unique rural setting and are part of a diverse community.  We believe that the inclusion of the famiy and the community are an integral part of the positive development of a child.  We value open communication with families/whanau and encourage their involvement in the Centre. 

We view children as competent learners and appreciate that they learn best when they feel empowered, resepcted and loved.  We endeavour to ensure that children can make decisions about what they will do next, and that they have opportunity to talk about and re-experience learning activities and then build on them.  Our documentation and assesments are based on the appreciation that children learn and develop holistically.

Teachers ensure that all of their interactions are positive and respectful.  We appreciate the importance of educators and managers maintaining a high level of professionalism, supported by on going professional development.  We are committed to the Treaty of Waitangi and its implications for practice.  We also valus diversity, ensuring that our practice and environment reflect the cultural backgrounds, values and beliefs of children and their family/whanau. 


As with any organisation we operate effectively by having policies and procedures to follow which are regulated and monitored by the Ministry of Education.

We review these Policies and procedures on a regular basis and welcome input from the parents. Feel free to see the office if you would like to view our policies, make comment on them or be a part of the review process.  Your thoughts and ideas are important to us.